Preparing for the A&I Fair

Madison Francisco

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On May 10th, the 4th Annual Art and Innovation Fair will be held right here at Little Mill Middle School.


The Art and Innovation Fair allows students to display projects they have been working on. This can spur innovation and give students great new ideas. A student’s next project may grow off of something they see at the Art and Innovation fair.


Students from all grades may participate in the following categories: art, photography, musical performances, inventions, technology, speeches, and ted talks. Students may also participate in multiple workshops, which provide inspiration for future projects. “It is a good way for kids to sign up for workshops, and do things that they might otherwise not get a chance to do,” said technology teacher Mrs. Robar.


“The A&I fair is kind of unique to Little Mill. It is a place where arts and innovation come together,” said Mrs. Robar. Students get the perfect opportunity to develop a passion they want to pursue in life. They may also apply to display their genius hour project at the A&I fair to show their peers what they have been working on throughout the school year.


To showcase their work in the A&I Fair students must go through an application process. Students have to apply, then receive a recommendation from other innovation teachers to be approved.


The A&I fair is a way for students to find topics or categories they might be interested in for further projects. It is important to share what students are doing with others. Students also get to see the work of their peers on display.


Students don’t always realize how much their project can impact someone else.They may decide to do a project because of that. “Students could be inspired by other through seeing their work. They might want to emulate that work,” said Mrs. Bridges, Little Mill’s art teacher. This gives students confidence to show their own presentations in the A&I fair.


Applications to enter the fair opened on March 10th. If any students want to display their creativity and project, they should keep their eyes open for the A&I Fair.

Preparing for the A&I Fair